applyFilters( "init_options" )

applyFilters( "init_options", config );

Filters the initial JS options while preparing the JS API. The options object is fully initialized and sanitized.


(object, required) The sanitized and fully populated DiviAreaConfig object, which are also available via window.DiviAreaConfig.


// Change the default fade-in and fade-out speed of Popups.
DiviArea.addFilter( 'init_options', function( options ) {
    // Slow down the animation to 1 second.
    options.animateSpeed = 1000;

    return options;


In most cases you can initialize the plugin options by directly accessing the DiviAreaConfig object like this:

// Same effect as the example above: Slow down animation to 1 second.
DiviAreaConfig.animateSpeed = 1000;
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