Automatic Hover Triggers

The automatic hover triggers can be defined in the Trigger Tab of Divi Areas.

🤓 Only Repeated Triggers

A repeated trigger will display the Area every time the trigger event happens. While other layout types can define one-time triggers (such as "After Delay"), Hover Areas are displayed every time the specific input event happens, such as clicking a button or hovering a menu item.

Also, Hover Areas cannot use the "Keep Closed" option to permanently close them.

Trigger Editor

Only for: Hover Areas

A trigger dialog lets you create or edit automatic triggers in an easy and intuitive way.

Trigger Details

Trigger Type

Choose the event that triggers the Area. Any Popup, Fly-In or Inline Area can use all automatic triggers (only Hover Areas have a different set of triggers).


On Click
Triggers the Area when a specific CSS selector is clicked.

- Additional options: CSS Selector
- This is a repeated trigger
On Hover
Triggers the Area when the mouse enters a specific CSS selector.

- Additional options: CSS Selector
- This is a repeated trigger

CSS Selector

For Trigger Type: On Click, On Hover

Define the element that triggers the Area. You can specify multiple selectors that are separated by a line break (or comma).

Most common selectors are the class selector (prefixed with .) and the ID selector (prefixed with #), but you can use any valid selector.

Basic samples:

  • .section1 → Class selector. Matches an element with the CSS class "section1"
  • #cta-button → ID selector. Matches an element with the CSS ID "cta-button"

Advanced samples:

  • a[href*="#"] → matches all links that have an anchor tag in the href URL
  • .menu-item-25 > a → matches the link of the menu item for post_id 25
  • #footer img:first-child → matches the first image tag in the page footer

Admin Label

Here you can enter a custom label for the trigger. It has no function other than helping you organize and recognize your triggers.


On Device

With this toggle control you can disable a trigger on certain device types. By default a new trigger is enabled on all device sizes.

🤓 How it works

Device detection is handled by the JS API (in the browser) and applies the same logic as Divi uses to toggle between responsive layouts:

The API measures the width of the viewport and categorizes the device as a Desktop ( 981 pixels or larger), Tablet (less than 981 pixels), or Phone (less than 768 pixels).

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