DiviArea.addAction(hook, callback, priority, context)

// Alias:
DiviArea.Hooks.addAction(hook, callback, priority, context)

The JS API uses an action/filter system that is very similar to the WordPress actions/filters. The API fires actions at certain points that you can tap into to provide additional functionality.

The addAction() function registers a callback function that is executed when the specified action is fired.


(string, required) Name of the action to observe.
(function, required) The callback function to execute when the action is fired. Any return value of the callback function is ignored.
(int, optional) Used to specify the order, in which callbacks are executed. Callbacks with a lower priority are called first.
Default: 10
(object, optional) Used to define a custom value for the scope-variable this in the callback function.
Default: window


The function does not return anything.


DiviArea.addAction('show_area', function() {
  console.log('An Area is displayed');


To see the exact names and execution order of all the JS API actions and filters on your website, simply enable the Debugging Output, then open your browsers JS console and visit a page with an Area/Popup. Look for the "Apply Filters" and "Do Action" entries:

Sample output in the browsers JS console.
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